Cricket – the story and what is it about

Cricket is a sport that’s been around for centuries. And it’s now a very popular sport played in more than a hundred countries and is older than football (soccer). Though some people say the game is complicated and boring and slow, it truly isn’t. This game is very much like baseball but different in a sense. Here’s an article on understanding the basic rules of the game.

cricket game

There are two teams with 11 players on each side. A match is decided by a team winning the coin toss then choosing either to bat or to field. Normally the captain chooses whether to bat or to field according to the pitch and/or weather conditions and what they are good at. They choose their teams according to pitch and conditions as well.

If a captain chooses to bat first his team has to bring out 2 of their top order batsmen called openers, and the game starts from there. The two batsmen in the middle of the pitch need to make runs by hitting the ball with their bat and the bowler will try to outwit the batsmen. They can make a 1 or 2, 3, or hit a 4 or 6. The batsmen will take turns by giving strikes to other batsman (1, 2, 3). The batsman hits the ball and the fielder or bowler doesn’t stop it. They run to opposite sides of the wickets to make runs it’s called a pitch. They have to run as fast as they can to make sure they get the runs before the fielder gets the ball and throws it back. If the fielder, bowler, or wicket keeper throws the ball directly at the stumps and the bail falls off before the batsman is home he is OUT because he just got “run out”. If a batsman is out another batsman replaces him. Once a team has lost its ten wickets the innings is finished and if you were the first team to bat then it’s the turn of the next team to bat. In modern day cricket there are overs like 50 overs and 20 overs how much runs you can make within that overs and maintain 10 wickets will be your score which your opponent will have to score to win.

Cricket games

If the captain chooses to field first, his team has to pick a few bowlers to bowl each over, they’re going to try to get 10 wickets if possible. There are different styles and techniques in bowling.

There are different types of cricket games:

Test Matches – Test matches are the original form of the game. A Test match is played for almost 7 hours with a break in the middle for tea time. Unlike other matches Test matches can only be played during daylight. Once the sky starts to get dark it must then be continued the next day. A typical Test match lasts for about 3-5 days. Each team bats 2 innings each, trying to make as much run as possible.

Limited Overs or One Day International – This game is the 2nd most popular style of cricket, unlike Test matches Limited Overs are played in a day, with the same rules. The goal is to make as much run as you can in 50 overs (each over consists of 6 balls).

20/20 – This style of game has been played for only a few years but it’s really getting more popular. Unlike Limited Overs this game has 20 Overs hence the name 20/20.

cricket game

The highest score in 50 over format is made by Virendar Sewag he scored 219 . This record was previously achieved by some great players like Sachin Tendulkar the first ever to score a 200 in odi cricket

The highest score by an individual in t20 was made by Chris Gayle in 2013. He hit 17 sixes in his innings which was a new record as well. The fastest fifty and fastest hundred record was also made by Gayle in this match of ipl.

The whole calendar year has been filled up with lots of cricketing actions for the cricket fans to engage them. All teams are literally focusing over the World cup 2015 event which is scheduled to start off in Hagley Oval, Christchurch Feb 14, 2015